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What is Linear Speed Training?

February 17, 2013

Linear Speed Training is the term used for straight ahead speed.  No lateral movement and no change of direction, only straight ahead speed.  It is important to focus on the speed skills before conditioning, the athlete can not be tired while undergoing a speed workout.  All of the movements must be crisp and if the athlete is tired they will not be working on their speed skills.

When programming a speed workout always program the rest times because you have to recover before each drill.  A sample workout would look like this.

10:00 – dynamic warmup
10:09 – teach wall position
10:14 – wall drills: A march (3 sets 10 sec. per set with 30 sec break between)
1 count (4 sets 5reps each leg with 30 sec. break between sets)
10:22 – (5) 10 yard sprints max speed working on pushing the ground away, knees up, toes up, hip flexor.
1min break between each sprint
10:30 – break
10:33 – wall drills: teach 2 count (4 sets, 5 whistles, 45 sec. break between each)
10:40 – (5) 10 yard sprints at max speed working on the drive phase mechanics
10:48 – core routine
10:55 – stretch, cool down

This is what a day 1 program will look like for any athlete training in a speed cycle. This program advances rapidly, the wall drills become harness drills, and the harness drills progress to sled runs and parachute runs. It is very important not to rush into the advanced drills before the athlete has mastered the correct mechanics of the drive phase.

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