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Our Coaches


  • Ryan: Owner/Coach

    For as long as I can remember I have been interested in every sport and physical activity imaginable. As soon as i started football, at age 13, i immediately began working out. I became interested in how the body works and ways to improve human performance. The more I worked out, the more i ate and the bigger i became – That’s how it works right? At my largest I was 6’3”, weighing in at 270 lbs. When football ended though, I realized walking around so big and eating everything in sight was not exactly the healthiest situation. Within the next 10-12 months I dropped down to around 200 pounds by changing my diet. It was not until 2010 that I found CrossFit. As soon as I tried it I realized this was exactly what I was looking for in terms of my next athletic experience. Before CrossFit I had been exercising with coaches who had a more specific focus on agility, powerlifting, and strength. I was excited to find a new activity with day-to-day challenges and the competitiveness of team sports. The camaraderie and support everyone continually shows for each other was very inspiring. After doing my research, working under great mentors, and experiencing myself, I realized this was my purpose-along with making it to the CrossFit games (LOL). Ultimately, I want to share my knowledge and help others succeed in reaching their physical and mental health goals.


  • Dawn: CrossFit Kids Coordinator/Coach

    I began CrossFit several years ago after listening to my husband come home and tell me about all the amazing stuff he was doing at the gym. I was excited by the idea of getting to do workouts that weren’t what you would find in a typical gym. I quickly fell in love with the variety and the challenges of CrossFit. As a busy mother of two small children it hasn’t always been easy to juggle getting to the gym, but I made CrossFit a priority and it not only benefits me but my kids as well. I love that my husband and I are setting such a good example for our children and being a role model for my daughter is especially important to me. I am stronger and fitter now in my 40’s than I have ever been in my life and because of that I am happier and more confident. I love my job at CFTV and I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to help others improve their technique, become more efficient, and reach their fitness goals. I have been coaching since June 2013.


  • JP: Coach

    I’ve always played soccer and thought I was reasonably fit. Oh how little did I know! Back in 2009 I Googled CrossFit. I came across a video for “Nasty Girls”. No way could I do that, right? At 9am the next day I went into the gym and gave it a go. I paid for my first month right then and as a Scotsman you knew I was going to get my money’s worth. I stuck with it and although my improvement was gradual at first, I loved it. I am still constantly improving and getting to set new PRs for myself. I have coached soccer for 15 years and CrossFit since September 2012.