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October 29th 2013

October 28, 2013

Warm Up

7 min. of:

-30 sec. Double Under Work

-30 sec. break


Muscle Up Work 15 min.

*use this time to review and improve the 3 main points to the MU; false grip/kipping pull, transition from pull into dip, and the dip*


5 rounds of:

10 Push Ups

-10 KB Clean and Press, Left Arm (24kg/16kg)

10 Push Ups

-10 KB Clean and Press, Right Arm (24kg/16kg)

Advanced Athletes

-Power Snatch (Floor+below the knee) 2RM, 4-5 sets

-Power Clean 1RM, 4-5 sets

-Clean Pull from blocks 3RM, 4-5 sets

-Bench Press 3RM, 4-5 sets

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