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October 24th 2013

October 23, 2013

Warm Up

800M Run

6-8 min. hip/leg mobility work in preparation for Day 2 of Week 2 of the Hatch Squat Cycle.


Back Squat 1×10@60%, 1×8@70%, 1×8@75%, 1×8@80%

Front Squat 1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2×5@70%


15 min. Rope Climb Work

*take this time to work on your weaknesses for the rope climb.  Strength in the pull, coordination of the feet, and the descent.  If you are efficient in the rope climb, complete 15 total climbs, 1 Rope Climb OMEM for 15 minutes*

Advanced Athletes

-Muscle Snatch+OHS+Snatch Grip PP+OHS (1+2+3+2), 4-5 work sets

-Power Clean from blocks+Jerk (3+1), 4-5 work sets

-Clean Pull 5RM, 4-5 work sets

-Weighted Dips 4×5, same weight for all sets, roughly 1 min. rest between sets


4 rounds of:

-5 RDL’s

-5 Pendlay Rows

-1 min. break between sets

*use the same weight for both exercises, don’t drop the bar*

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