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October 23rd 2013

October 22, 2013

Warm Up

Row 800M


2 rounds of:

-5 KB Snatches Left Arm (16kg/12kg)

-10 OH Walking Lunges Left Arm

-5 KB Snatches Right Arm

-10 OH Walking Lunges Right Arm


Split Jerk Work


*15 minutes to work on the split jerk.  foot control in the dip/drive, landing in a strong split position.  recovery from the split position.  proper OH position of the barbell in relation to your hips and feet.  Work up to a challenging weight, but keep the weight managable and maintain speed in your lift.*


Push Press


Advanced Athlete

-Hang Snatch 1RM, 4-5 work sets

-Hang Snatch Double, 3-4 sets *this is a back off set, roughly 70-80% of today’s 1RM*

-Clean Pull+Clean from below the knee (2+1), 4-5 work sets

-Back Squat up to a 5RM, 4-5 work sets


8 min. AMRAP of:

-15 KB Swings 32kg

-25 Double Unders

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