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October 15th 2013

October 14, 2013

Warm Up

5 min. Double Under Work (30 sec. work/ 30 sec. break) try to work on consistency here, repeated set number of reps each 30 sec. interval.


Every 30 sec. for 4 min. complete:

-2 Snatch Grip Push Press (barbell)

-2 OHS (barbell)


10 min. Rope Climb work

*focus on improving parts of the exercise you’re not good at, readjusting the feet, clamping the rope with the feet, or transfering from ascent to descent*


10 min. AMRAP of:

-5 Push Press (95#/65#)

-30 sec. L-Sit

*if you did not perform Day 1 of Week 1 in the Hatch Squat Cycle, and you want to improve your squat and be a part of this cycle, you may make up WOD 10/13 today.  YOU as the athlete must decide to focus on improving a skill/strength, and do what it takes to improve it.  this is a 12 week cycle, we will squat twice per week, you may do this Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri.  YOU the athlete decide and focus on making up days you missed, other wise, continue with todays WOD*

Advanced Athletes

-Power Snatch from blocks (above knee)+Snatch Balance+OHS (2+1+2), 4-5 working sets

-Power Clean (from blocks above the knee)+Push Press (3+Max Reps), 4-5 working sets

-Bench Press 3×5, same weight for all sets

-Pendlay Row 3×5, same weight for all sets


6 min. of:

-30 sec. max reps burpees

-30 sec. max reps Air Squats

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