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October 10th 2013

October 09, 2013

Warm Up

800M Run/Row


5 Ropw CLimbs

10 Tire Flips

15 Handstand Push Ups (use the kip if needed, otherwise use this time to practice the kipping HSPU)


5 rounds, not for time of:

-5 Ring Extensions (right arm+left arm=1rep)

-10 sotts press using a Barbell

-10 One legged Squats (5 reps each leg)

*you may rest as needed between sets, this is NOT for time, these are skills that require flexibility/mobility, coordination, balance, and control.  stretch as needed between sets and work to improve body position*

Advanced Athletes

-Hang Power Snatch 3RM, 4-5 working sets

-Heavy! Snatch Pull from blocks 5RM, 4-5 working sets

-Power Clean 1RM, 4-5 working sets

-Power Clean 2RM, 4-5 working sets

-Weighted Dips 3×5, use the same weight for all sets

-Back Extensions 4x10reps with barbell BTN

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