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Amy Francis – 1 year testimony

November 21, 2016




A year ago today, I joined Cross Fit Training Valley. I thought I was in some reasonable shape since I ran every day but I literally had no upper strength and no back strength and I thought well maybe I might like this for a few months. I also knew nothing about cross fit, never heard of it and had no idea I would be doing weight training and metcon (nor did I know what the heck metcon was)…LOL. Thank goodness I never knew about cross fit as it may have deterred me from thinking I can do this.


I had know idea how the entire cross fit members are like family. You, Daniel, Aria and all the members have never made me feel inadequate or insecure in achieving any work outs or goals. Instead everyone is so supportive which is what makes this gym family a unique and cherished experience. I look forward to coming every day, I hate missing any days, I really have a guilt trip and take it serious.

Well, I’m absolutely happy to say I’m glad I came in for that first session a year ago which by the way you introduced me to Wall Balls and Burpees and a 15 lb. bar? Or 25? bar, not sure but it was nothing near what I’m lifting today. I look forward to being physically fit and healthy for a very long time – hopefully a lifetime.

Thank you for being so sincere about being a coach and a true mentor to all!!!! You and my cross fit friends are the very best!!!


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