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12.4.14 Thursday WOD

December 03, 2014

I know this is Odd sounding but trust me it will be FUN and a GREAT workout! Bring your butts in and lets do this!
Coach Ledbetter

Dynamic Warmup

8 minutes at each station – Ladder drills, bag drills, hurdles

Ladder drills
1ft run, 2ft run, hop scotch, strider, 1-2-1, swizzle
1) 2x each drill using the whole ladder
2) 2x each drill switching at the color
3) 2x each drill switching every 2 holes

Bag Drills (6 bags)
1ft run, 2ft run, 2ft lateral run, shuffle
1) 2x each drill
1) 2x each drill with bags in a horseshoe shape

1) 2ft hops forward, 2ft hops lateral

10-15minute Agility Course

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