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10.16.15 Friday WOD

October 15, 2015


Coach Dawn (CF Level 2, and CrossFit mobility) going over some latissimus dorsi (LAT) soft tissue work. The lat muscle is a large mass of muscle under the arm and is used almost daily in CrossFit and Olympic lifting routines. Doing pull ups, or any kind of pulling variations (olympic lifts, deadlift, rope climbs, ring rows) involves the majority of the lat. Freeing up the lat with some soft tissue work will not only help with recovery but more importantly it will improve overhead range of motion, which will later improve overhead stability! It is a tender spot to work on but well worth investing the time to do so!


Clean and Jerk – 15:00 t0 establish a 1rm clean and jerk

Front Squat – 15:00 to establish 3rm front squat

WOD (optional)

1-Mile Run



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