CrossFit : Forging Elite Fitness

Our CrossFit Program is offered 9 times a day during the week.  If you are someone who is tired of the same gym and the boring 3 sets of 10 routine then come and give us a try.  Our workouts are never the same and they are fun and challenging.  This is a life long training program where you will learn Olympic Lifting skills, Power Lifting skills, Gymnastics skills, rowing, running, kettlebell skills, rope climbing…  you name it and it might show up on our WOD Board.

Who is our typical client:  The age range is from 21 – 71 with a big chunk of that being 35 – 50 year olds.  They might be ex athletes, first timers, or soccer moms looking for a challenge.  Whatever the case may be you will find yourself surrounded by like minded individuals with the same goal… getting better at every day life and making the every day tasks seem easier and easier.  After your fitness level brings you to our workouts as rxd, having to walk from the farthest parking spot at WalMart doesn’t seem like such a challenge anymore…

How big are our classes:  a good size CrossFit class is 8-12 clients.  A normal class will have anywhere from 2 – 10 depending on the day and time.  With a 6,000 sqft. floor space we have more than enough room to accommodate any class size.  Our goal is to have 12 clients in each class and as they feel up past that number we bring another coach in for that same class and split the clients making it a 6-1 or 8-1 ratio for client-coach.

How are CrossFit our classes structured: We give you an hour of  training that consists of a warmup, skill work, WOD, then mobility training.  The entire hour is coached from start to finish.

What else do we offer:  We encourage you to schedule a 1on1 training session every 4 – 6 weeks.  This will allow us as coaches to spend individual time with you and set up your success while you train in the groups.